Looking for a unique gift for the holidays?  For the entry fee of USD{{var_price}}, you can gift the inspiring experience of the Short Story Challenge 2018!  We'll send out an email on a date of your choice with a personalized message from you and information on how they can register for the competition.  If they don't end up registering, we'll refund your payment in full.  It only takes a few minutes and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion. Happy holidays!
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REFUNDS - If the person receiving the gift ("Giftee") does not use their code to register for the competition by the start date of 11:59PM EST on January 26, 2018, a refund for your full payment will be made by February 5, 2018.  If the Giftee does use their code to register, no refunds will be made.

18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER - If the Giftee is less than 18 years of age, they will require consent from a parent or guardian to participate in the Short Story Challenge 2018 as outlined in the FAQ page at http://www.nycmidnight.com/Competitions/SSC/FAQ.htm.
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